from Nantucket Reviews
The cast performs with the energy, assurance, and enthusiasm that characterize director Richard Cary’s style, and they do him and the script proud. This Actors Theatre of Nantucket’s attractive venue fairly sparkles as they carry on this amusing spoof.

All in all, If It Was Easy adds up to a pleasantly frothy finale to a summer day. - Theatre Review, by Douglas K. Burch

A workplace farce by Stewart Lane and Ward Morehouse III, “If It Was Easy,” works its audience into a stupor of laughter and delight with a small but veracious ensemble of talented actors and actresses.

The characters portrayed and how the actors portray them, with such loving detail of their craft...
- “If It Was Easy” an Evening of laughs, by Caleb W. Kardell

from Show Business
If It Was Easy... seems to be a throwback to another era, an era it cherishes; it's comparable to a screwball comedy.  It pays tribute to the world of Broadway, and this tribute is voiced through the dynamic performance of Jellison.  His portrayal of the beleaguered producer is non-clich d.  Gallop comes across as human, heartfelt and passionate.  At the heart of it all, Gallop embodies the collective love and enduring hope of the stage.

from The Piedmont Review
What happens when a Tony-winning producer and a Broadway theatre critic get together to write a play? You get a lively comedy about a Broadway producer and a theater critic collaborating to produce a Broadway show, with plenty of laughs and more than a bit of truth.

Written by the unlikely duo of Tony-winning producer, Stewart Lane, and former theater columnist Ward Morehouse III, "If It Was Easy" is an exciting, fast-paced production featuring actors from Atlanta, New York and Hollywood. The play made me laugh out loud, it's a hoot - a great way to spend an Atlanta summer evening.

from The Atlanta Journal Constitution
A down-and-out theater producer joins forces with a wily newspaperwoman to slap together "Sinatra: The Musical"- a license, they think to print money. Soon they're besieged by weirdos who want to be stars, and mobsters who want to make an investment they can't refuse... "Easy" , which the writers hope to take to New York, is a farce containing some Sinatra songs, a dash of message about the crazy state of the theater and a dose of real-life nuttiness.

from Creative Loafing
Lane and Morehouse's best strengths are in their first-hand background in the play's subject, and Gallop has informative speeches explaining such things as the economies of the New York stage and why Hollywood's biggest stars won't do Broadway. ... early Neil Simon.

from E2 Atlanta
One of Frank Sinatra's most enduring hits was "I've Got You Under My Skin." Ol' Blue Eyes certainly got under the skin of a few million people himself - tow of which were Stewart Lane, a Tony-award winning producer, and Ward Morehouse III, a New York theatre critic. The pair got together shortly after Sinatra's death to produce a Broadway play about the crooner's life. For whatever reason, the Chairman of the Board's life never made it to the boards, but what did emerge from their collaboration was "If It Was Easy...," a play about a producer and critic who team up to do Sinatra's life on Broadway, their way. Only it doesn't go their way. Every Sinatra impersonator from Hoboken to Hollywood wants in on the act, and the Mob wants in on the action. That's when the fun begins ... Sinatra fans will not want to miss this play.